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Striking Styles with Split face tiles

Split face tiles have gained immense popularity, offering a touch of texture and color to small tiled spaces like upstands or splashbacks, or making a bold statement on entire walls. While the term “split-face” is often used loosely, it typically refers to narrow strips of slate or marble, either as a single rigid tile or mesh-backed mosaic, highlighting the distinct depths and angled appearance of each strip. In this article, we delve into this enduring textured trend, showcasing some inspiring examples.

  1. Sparkle & Glow: Our Sparkle Ice Grey split face mosaic tiles are showcased in this modern retro living room, reminiscent of 1960s fireplaces. Perfect for framing a contemporary fireplace, these natural stone tiles feature inherent sparkle and come in a 150mm x 300mm format. The Muse Dark Grey Matt porcelain floor tiles complement the overall aesthetic, replicating the look of natural stone.
  2. Natural Textures: Combining contemporary kitchen design with retro-industrial influences, this classic look features quirky bar stools, timber-look floor tiles, and Sparkle Rustic split-face mosaics. These mosaics, made from natural stone, add a touch of rustic charm and are available in various colourways, including Black, Grey, and Ice White.
  3. Getting Into Autumn: Embrace the autumn spirit with the Coral Odyssey Orange Velvet Cushion, Muylticolour Split-Face Mosaics made from natural slate tiles, and the Jellyfish Square faux suede cushion designed by Louise Mead. These elements inject warmth and colour into cold-weather living rooms.
  4. Calm & Creative: This contemporary bathroom showcases Yosemite Ivory Split-Face porcelain tiles, offering the appearance of natural stone without the need for sealing. The format (550mm x 150mm) simplifies the tiling process, creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing wet room.
  5. Real Slate Style: Black Sparkle Split-Face Mosaic tiles in a 150mm x 360mm size with a riven texture provide a timeless black-and-white look. As real slate, these tiles require sealing, and Fila StonePlus is recommended for protection and color enhancement.
  6. Sparkle White Elegance: Sparkle White Split-Face Mosaics bring a clean, contemporary look to this kitchen corner. Paired with white walls and natural timbers, these tiles offer a unique touch with natural stone elegance and a hint of sparkle, perfect for enhancing smaller kitchens and low-ceilinged rooms. Remember to seal these natural stone tiles post-installation for lasting beauty.

Incorporate these split-face tile styles to transform your spaces into stunning showcases of texture and sophistication.

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