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6 Clever Handyman Tips to Decorate Your Home for Less

You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money just to see your home in a different light.

If you want to completely redo your space in no time, with less effort and money, be creative and make small changes.

No matter how small they seem, ensure that your efforts pay off with a whole new flavour in your home, reflecting your own personality and what you view as important in life. And what’s more, the tons of money saved from professional interior design and new furniture can be redirected to any other planned investment or initiative you’d love to realise.

Use Curtains in Your Home Décor

You might have heard that hanging new curtains is an expensive decorating decision. However, this is not really a general truth and, in most cases, has an impressive home decor effect.

Here are our handyman tricks to dress up your windows and avoid wasting money on curtains:

Fix a curtain rod 4-6 inches above the window frame. Also, install a wider rod. You’ll be surprised at how much longer your windows will look. This will also allow more sunlight to come in. Opt for light and gauzy fabrics, gentle and natural tones. They have an inviting character and point to a refined taste. And don’t worry about the price! Shop confidently, as light and cotton curtains are among the cheapest ones you’ll find on the market.

If you want to express your personal taste at a low price, consider painting your old curtains. Unlock your imagination and go for do-it-yourself splatter paint curtains, dotted, patterned, striped ones, or whatever you like. Just select a distinct paint colour, a paintbrush, or a sponge to achieve that one-of-a-kind look.

Make Small Repairs to Give Your Furniture a Second Chance

If you find your furniture looking worn out, scratched, having loose joints, or being slightly damaged, revealed after its long-term use, it’s better to book a furniture repair service. Most wooden furniture can be repainted, repaired, or refinished instead of being thrown away while still usable.

Think twice before deciding on purchasing new furniture. You will not only be pouring money down the drain but also contributing to global carbon emissions growth and extra taxes for all of us to pay for its disposal. On the contrary, you can refresh your space with small repair works and less money instead of starting a big renovation project.

Repurpose, Reinvent, Reuse, and Recycle!

The four ‘re’ words give us an idea of how to turn any scrap around your house into a decorative piece. They also help us to improve our lives and save the planet.

Consider using everything you already have at hand. It could be old and obsolete countertops. Turn them into cutting boards, trays for your morning coffee, an appetizer board, and even into something large such as craft tables and floating shelves. And why not use them in a piece of art?

Don’t leave any leftover materials like wallpaper, tiles, and decorative bricks on the curb. Instead, repurpose them into another wall or backsplash decoration. Another great example is to use leftover flooring.  It’s the perfect way to create something brand-new in a slightly nontraditional way. It could be picture frames or even to revive an old plywood door.

It’s a waste of money not to find fancy ways for repurposing or recycling the smaller leftover bits. While you are reducing waste and raw materials consumption, all creative ideas are turning into a big statement that will not cost you a single penny. Finally, the new decorating idea can be even more appealing and funnier than you imagine.

Beautify Spaces with Mirrors on a Budget

Hanging up a heavy mirror could be a comparatively large investment that can cost you a lot. There are also many pitfalls ahead if you lack expertise and experience. If you don’t entrust the mirror mounting to a professional handyman, the installation of the heavy object can cause wall cracks and other structural damages due to stress. Failing on mirror hanging can be equally disastrous to your budget and nerves. Fortunately, Guildford has many options to choose from.

Yet, you can achieve a less expensive and easy installation when grouping a few lights and smaller mirrors together. Place them at a central location to create a focal point in your living room. As mirrors reflect light, you can easily increase the general brightness in a room, instantly making it look more spacious. If you place them in front of a piece of art, they will reflect the nice view and set an entirely new tone to the room.

Hanging mirrors can create a lot of accents in a room. It is a wise investment that doesn’t cost you a bundle but ends up adding spice to your space.

Simply Install Corner Shelves

The most underestimated room beautifiers are the corner shelves. It’s not because they are not functional but because most people unintentionally ignore or don’t know how to use them. They are equally a practical and aesthetic solution that can occupy almost every awkward corner in your room. Especially when you are short of space, consider the installation of corner shelves for storage optimisation.

Buy ready-made, cheap ones or easily crafted custom pieces in various forms and dimensions. That’s a pretty easy way to add extra space to your home where you can store anything from books, precious family photos, and small decorative items to your kid’s toys. Finally, you will achieve a contemporary corner design on a budget.

Paint an Accent Wall to Spruce Up Your Space

Love patterns? Don’t wait, go for an accent wall.

Select the right paintbrush and lay a contrasting colour to a wall or single design feature to evoke a new emotional feeling and visual interest in your room. A featured wall creates depth, makes the wall seem visually closer to you, and reforms the room’s shape. Then, showcase your piece of art to draw all attention to it.

In fact, such a simple technique allows an individual to make the walls a focal point and change the entire look of a room with minimal costs and effort. As it is a comparatively small part of the room, it’s not time- or cost-consuming.


In looking for a whole new way to renovate your home, it’s not necessary to start a journey that costs you a lot of effort, time, sweat, and dust. You can give a new life to a space with small, responsible investments through sustainable steps.

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