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4 Great Gifts for a New College Student

The first semester of college can be overwhelming for a new college student. If living on campus, it may be their first time away from home. One of the most important things to consider when showering your high-school grad with college gifts is how to make them feel at home, while away from home.

There are dozens of websites and experts that will offer lists and suggestions on what is best to give a college student. Interestingly, many of them fail to mention some very critical items. For example – rain umbrellas.

Of course, it is understandable why a rain umbrella may be the last item that comes to mind when shopping for a great college gift. However, that, and these other items that are often forgotten, should be on everyone’s gift list.

Rain Umbrella

Let’s begin with the rain umbrella, like the one made from Repel Umbrella. It is likely the most forgotten item when packing for college. It is also extremely rare that someone would give a new college student an umbrella as a gift. Here is why it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Most college students live in a college dorm on campus their first year. Which means that more often than not, they are walking to class. Depending on the size of campus, that can sometimes be quite a distance with limited options to duck out of the rain if there is a sudden downpour.

Also to consider, the first semester of college is usually held in the fall, and most campuses will suffer from the autumn weather – meaning an abundance of wind and rain.

When considering what type of rain umbrella to purchase, consider one with wind-defying construction like the Repel Umbrella. Using a mediocre, random brand that quickly turns inside out with the first gust of wind is more trouble than it’s worth.

Rain Jacket

Even with the perfect umbrella, wind and splashing can definitely soak clothing. Every new college student should also have a rain jacket.

If you are making a quick dash from building to building, you may get away without opening an umbrella everytime. Just make sure your rain jacket has a hood.

It should be made with a highly water-resistant material, and have a zipper closure that goes up to the chin. Also, zipper closed pockets are great for keeping hands dry, and also stashing your phone or earbuds to keep them from getting wet.

For fall and even some early winter weather, an insulated rain jacket can be very beneficial in keeping a college student warm too. When paired with a quality rain umbrella, both will keep a campus commuting student warm and dry.

Rain Boots

Just as critical as a rain umbrella are heavy-duty tread rain boots. No need to worry about being stylish, rain boots come in various colors and designs to coordinate with your rain jacket and umbrella.

Paired with breathable, appropriate socks, rain boots will keep a college student’s feet warm and dry. There’s no need to carry a 2nd pair of shoes, rain boots can be comfortable enough to wear all day as needed.

Be sure to know the proper shoe size of your gift recipient, as rain shoe sizes can run differently. A quality rain boot will be easy to clean and non-slippery so that the wearer can safely run around campus and not need to worry about where they are walking.

Rain Backpack Cover

While a great umbrella can protect you, and your belongings when walking, you also want to consider college students who ride bikes.

It is not safe, or really possible, to ride a bike holding an umbrella. This is why it’s inevitable that every college student will find themselves riding their bike in the rain at some point.

While a rain jacket and boots will protect you when riding, a rain backpack cover is a great idea to protect your belongings.

No matter how “waterproof” your backpack claims to be, a long ride or a soaking storm means water will penetrate into your bag. Considering most students carry a tablet or laptop, chargers, and their phones inside, a bag soaking could be extremely destructive. The last thing you want to be doing is replacing expensive electronics.

A rain backpack cover is lightweight, and can easily fit over any sized backpack to provide the college commuter some piece of mind.

When considering a gift for a new college student, don’t forget about these four essential items. A rain umbrella, jacket, boots and backpack cover should be on everyone’s list.

These items will keep your college student warm, dry, and protected while they adjust to their new home away from home. Thoughtful and often forgotten items are often the best gifts for a new college student.

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