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How to Care for Your Printed T-Shirts to Ensure Longevity

To make your printed t-shirt last longer, proper upkeep and care are essential. Always reading and according to the care instructions on the label of your clothing is a crucial piece of advice. This will give you precise washing and drying instructions based on the type of material and print on your shirt. Organizing your soiled clothes according to fabric types will help you get the best washing results: The washing requirements for workplace and athletics will differ from those of a light shirt or delicate dress.

Your custom-printed t-shirts will last longer and have a significant positive influence on the environment if you avoid drying them in the dryer. Tumble dryers can consume up to five times the electricity of a typical washing machine. A home can significantly lower its carbon footprint by not using a tumble dryer. Tshirtsareus provides best-selling categories in Canterbury custom clothing printing with excellent service. In this article, you will delve into different measures for taking care of printed t-shirts and reviving their colors.

Measures for taking care of printed T-shirts

When cleaning printed T-shirts, use cold water. The design and the fabric are both softer when wet with cold water. If the cloth is composed of cotton, hot water may shrink it and accelerate the fading of the design.

Choose the mild cycle setting on your laundry machine. The integrity of the print and the fabric are preserved by the slower, less forceful agitation. If hanging is your preference, steer clear of putting the hook straight through the print and use padded hangers to reduce stretching.

Refreshing the colors on the printed t-shirt

Reviving the colors of the t-shirt can make it look more radiant. For washing it, it should be done inside out. The print has to be protected from water and detergent with cold water and with a light cycle. Also, hot water should be avoided which can cause the colors to bleed and fade.

Turn your printed t-shirt inside out before putting it in the washing machine if that’s the case. This will lessen the chance that the pattern may scrape against other clothing or the agitator of the machine. To further reduce the chance of damage, choose a delicate or mild cycle.


The t-shirts have to be colorful and functional so proper care has to be taken of them. The T-shirts may extend their life by sticking to the different tips. A little more time and maintenance is needed to preserve the t-shirt. Keep the wardrobe new and vibrant with the help of such apparel.

The life of the t-shirt can be extended by washing it less often. The washing of clothes has negative effects and also on the environment.

Cutting less on your washing will help you use less water and leave a smaller carbon imprint. Hence, the printed t-shirts from Tshirtsareus have different looks and suit the preferences of the consumers perfectly.

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